Sabotage Times runs Bizarre Thailand excerpt on See Uey, the notorious child-killing cannibal

See Uey's cadaver on display at the Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum in Bangkok

Sabotage Times, the online magazine published by the legendary James Brown of Loaded fame, has just run a full excerpt from Bizarre Thailand.

The chapter from the book’s Crime Scenes section covers a number of morbid and gruesome tales, focusing in on the true story of See Uey, an ethnic Chinese cannibal with an infamous taste for children’s livers.

The piece is capped of with a section from “Feasting on Famine” one of Jim Algie’s award-winning short stories that puts some flesh on the bones of Thailand’s most notorious bogeyman.

As local parents tell their troublesome kids: “Don’t stay out after dark or the ghost of See Uey will eat you.”

Read the full excerpt here.

If you want more, you can download Feasting in Famine in its entirety here.

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