Playing the Pimp of Self-Promotion (Reluctantly Once More)

A message from our host, Jim Algie…

Many thanks are due to all the readers, reviewers and good bookwormish Samaritans out there for buying up the first print run of the book back in June: about 15 months ahead of the publisher’s schedule. Now that we’re into another printing it’s time to start pimping myself again, loathsome and mercenary as the task may be.

Over the next few weeks, we shall be uploading an assortment of different reviews and interviews to the website. For starters, here is an interview from the April-May issue of bed sheets which of course is Bed Supperclub’s magazine here in Bangkok. It was quite the surreal honour to be featured in the same issue as both Goldie and Boy George. Feel free to supply your own punchline.


Bed Sheets interview with Jim Algie

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