YouTubing on the New Bizarre Thailand Channel

After consulting with a Thai fortune-teller, re-reading parts of the I-Ching, uttering an incantation to Ganesha, the god of art, and waiting until Venus was in Neptune, while staving off much apathy and plenty of petulance (though that last clause should go without saying), the most propitious time to launch the Bizarre Thailand Channel on YouTube finally came at 11.14pm on August 23rd, 2011 – and not a second too soon.
Many thanks to Bill from for putting together the slide show, orchestrating the music and – is there anything this technocrat can’t do? – carrying out the interview in late 2010.
Over the next few months, many more video slices of Southeast Asian bizarro will be uploaded. I appreciate all the letters and suggestion from readers. As always, feel free to recommend more videos via email at bizarrethailand at
Have a gander here.
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