Reviewing the Reviewer

Given the ever-more scrawny and space-famished column inches given to book reviews, it takes a surgeon’s skill to tap that vein and distill the blood and bile of a tome these days. But Max Crosbie-Jones, the managing editor of Bangkok101, pulled off that feat in this terse review (okay, the publisher is Marshall Cavendish not Maverick House, but we’ll spare Max any ire since he’s slaving away under the tyranny of that Machiavellian task-master Mason Florence, ha ha):

“It could have been a grotesque freak show, but it isn’t. Whether he’s hanging out with sex workers, cowboys or sacred tortoises, Algie is never anything but the model feature writer, bringing empathy, balance, wit and no small amount of research to his subjects.”

Bizarre Thailand reviewed in Bangkok 101



























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