The Godfather of Gangsta vs the Cannibal of Chinatown

What do these two legendary figures have in common? More than you might think. Both Ice-T and See Uey lived lives of crime that have inspired legacies of shock and revulsion.

As one of the pioneers of gangsta rap, the rapper holds court in this exclusive interview about how he helped to create the genre during his criminal days (which inspired such influential albums as Rhyme Pays), what he thinks of hip-hop’s rise to the mainstream, the importance of travel and his role as a TV star on Law and Order, as well as his views on the infamous grudge match between Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino over the latter’s liberal use of the word “nigger”, and why he doesn’t think that lyrics like “he fucked the bitch with a flashlight” are sexist.

Easily the most daunting and knee-knocking interview I’ve ever done, it was originally supposed to go in the “Strange Celebs” section of Bizarre Thailand, but instead became an outtake (check the Outtakes and Extras page.

Another bonus for you lucky “dogs” and “homies” is the inclusion of a novella about Thailand’s most infamous serial slayer. Originally published in 2008 and long-listed for the Bram Stoker Award, this retooled version follows on from the story in the “Crime Scenes” section about the Songkran Niymosane Forensic Medicine Museum in Bangkok, where the killer’s preserved corpse is on public display.

Even though the novella is “based on a true crime story” so little is known about See Uey’s life and spree of slaughter that I had plenty of room to utilize my poetic license to thrill, kill and chill.

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